Does your pool ready for summer?

Does your pool ready for summer?

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October 20, 2021

If you are the house owner, no matter you wanna build a new pool or renovate your pool for your lovely home. This blog may give you some ideas on how to choose the right pool pavers and coppers.

When you come to a pool, the first thing that catches your attention may not be the shape, size, or materials of the pool, it is paver, as it is the surface of a pool. Choose the right pool can not only enhancing the quality of family spare time but also improving aesthetic appreciation. Follow these 6 tips, you will choose the right cloth for your outdoor beauty.

Beach-side pool

swimming pool with summer vibe

A. Salt attack testing

Salt is the main reason that affects the durability of stone, especially in Australia. When the pavers are exposed to pools of water regularly, salt crystal is serious around each poolside as a result of the salt attack. Stone pavers are highly recommended to pass salt attack testing, and make a maintenance every 4-6 months can highly extend natural stone’s durability. All of. SAI Stone’s pool-related stone range has passed salt attack testing, meeting Australian standard qualification.

B. Slippery rate

Natural stone has to be tested, especially when it is exposed to saltwater, it will get wet and slippery. P3, P4, P5 are proofed for domestic usage in Australia. Here are some solutions for your anti-slip choice: bluestone, granite, marble, travertine, and limestone. Bluestone, Sawn finish (P5) is the surface most widely used in the outdoor space of Melbourne. If you wanna make some difference, and make a more unique appeal, a marble sandblasted finish is another top consideration. Same P5 surface quality but looks luxurious.

Back yard luxury pool

Sawn finish with ashlar pattern

C. Right tone to match your home style

Consider color tone will need to match your garden and whole home style. Typically, stone paver has three colors catalogs: light, earthy and dark. Travertine is the best presentation of earthy and warm color, travertine palette can also make your outdoor space classic, never out of time.

D. Finishes

Beyond aesthetics, pool finish choices will impact the durability, safety, and cost of your lovely pool. Among some options: concrete, aggregate plaster, and stone tile in the market, stone tiles are one of the most popular choices. Since natural stone can offer you a modern style, will never be out of time as long as more finish choices of stone tile: sawn, honed, sandblasted, flamed, tumbled and unfilled, honed and filled.

Backyard stone wall pool

Travertine pool

E. Your touch preference, warmth, or cooler

One of the important elements that creating outdoor living spaces and pools is: the pavers won’t burn your feet. Actually, everything will get hot in the sun, don’t be too hard on your pool pavers. But some of them will remain comfortable for you. Choosing light color as much as possible, here are some recommendations along with SAI stone range:

1. Frozen blue, Marble. A beautiful, classy marble that looks stunning wet.

2. Grey apricot, Marble. Creamy marble, which doesn’t hold on to heat much. And won’t be expensive.

3. Belgium blue, Limestone. The same color theme with bluestone features organic vending reflect your summer vibe.

F. Two techniques for pool corner

Coping is the first row of paving that plays a big part in any fiberglass swimming pool installation. In order to increase the installation efficiency and adding aesthetic pleasure. SAI Stone offers you “one-piece corner” pool coping. We are devoted to simplifying the curved pool jobs with an “onsite templating” system. Serving both concrete and fiberglass pools.