Bring Your Vision To Life With Custom Stone Cladding

Bring Your Vision To Life With Custom Stone Cladding

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May 2, 2024

If you are an architect working on designing stone clad walls, making the same designs fit every single project can be tricky. Aside from different environments, small but unexpected requests are not as simple as they seem when it comes to design execution.

With manufactured work in the spotlight, SAI Stone can help you build an array of custom stone-clad walls. We offer consultation for every project and aim to help you bring out each stone clad wall’s uniqueness with a range of customisation options. Stand out from the crowd and realise a design that is uniquely yours with our custom stone products.

Stone wall inside house

Antline wall cladding

Design Without Limits with Made to Order Stones

While we get unusual requests from time to time, we are able to fulfilled these common customisation options for our stone cladding products:

  1. Textures

We offer standard finishes (i.e. sawn/honed/flamed) as well as some exotic surface treatment, including sandblasted pattern.

  1. Patterns

By mixing different sizes, thicknesses, shapes, materials and other attributes, we are able to create the pattern you desire for your project.

  1. Colours

Select from an extended variation of natural stone shades ranging from dark to off-white.

  1. Performance

When heat rating, light reflections or maintenances are involved, there are many possible combinations we can offer based on your requirements.

Cobble stone wall cladding

Exterior wall cladding with cobble stone

Leverage on our Tailored Stone Solutions Expertise

Regardless of whether you require the aesthetics of marble, the durability of granite, or just have a preference for bluestone, we are able to offer you customised stones to match your stone cladding designs as closely as possible. Some of our more common customisation options include:

Bluestone: Blue Ocean / Antline

Granite: Sesame White / Ash Grey / Ken Black plus more

Marble: Frozen Blue / Grey Apricot / Antarctica White

Partner with the Stone Experts to Realise Your Designs

Regardless of the scale of your project, there is always room to inject some creativity into your designs. Customised natural stones allow you to push the boundaries of design and can be a source of inspiration. To ensure successful construction, speak with us early on in the design process to avoid possible delays. Explore design freedom with customised stones today.