Curved Pool Made Easy With SAI

Curved Pool Made Easy With SAI

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May 12, 2021

One-piece pool corner: an innovative paving solution

An innovation benefiting pavers, copers and pool owners alike, the ‘One-Piece Corner’ by SAI Stone offers the perfect clean finish for your pool.

SAI Stone’s innovative one piece pool corner brings seamless style to any pool design. This specially-cut paver creates a pool corner from just a single piece of coping, rather than the three to five pieces most commonly used. This gives any pool a pared-back and minimal aesthetic while also making installation easier and more cost-effective for builders and pool owners alike.

A one-piece pool corner also has the benefit of producing a truly perfect rounded corner whether working with an internal or external pool corner. Thanks to SAI Stone’s on-site templating system, many shapes are custom-created, meaning that the corners flow beautifully with each other in a way that is not seen with traditional pool corners. SAI Stone’s on-site templating system can even be used for a fully curved pool design.

Curved pool edge

One-piece pool corner

How does the templating system work?

  1. Confirm stone
  2. Confirm edging
  3. Confirm on-site templating
  4. Consider job done

SAI Stone are able to offer their one-piece pool cornering system in all stones and profiles, including Bluestone, Granite and Marble. Their local stone masons are highly skilled in curving stone and specialise in applications such as curved swimming pools and stone edging. Plus, with over 6000 linear metres of coping in stock at all times, SAI Stone is guaranteed to have the supplies needed for a residential project of any size.

Curved pool edge

Traditional copper VS custom copper