Stone Furniture, Water Feature

Stone Furniture, Water Feature

Boulder Stone, Glen Waverley

Natural stone solid raw Bluestone boulders have been used in this project. The job is based in the Glen Shopping center in Glen Waverley, VIC. Back in March 2019 Formium landscape Architecture came to SAI Stone with the thought of using a natural rock to be used as a water feature. To start off with we needed to understand the total area of which the stone needed to be positioned. This will give us a very good understanding of what the raw blocks will need to be. After many site visits, we got a very good picture of the overall size.

Once that was all finalized we flew to China with Formium to visit the factory while they were in the middle of processing. These are the following steps we had to go through.

Step 1. Visit the quarry to pick the raw materials.

Step 2. Hand carves the water bawls & hone the edges of the bawls to make them smooth.

Step 3. Hand-cut each bolder to be flush with the next piece.

Step 4. Drill 2 holes through the middle of the stone for the lights & water to run through. We needed to make sure the wholes were in the position as per the drawings specified. If the holes didn’t line up the conduit couldn’t be pushed through before installation.

Step 5. Put each piece of stone together so they are flush.

Step 6. Run water from the largest to smallest boulder making sure all water runs smoothly down to the smallest piece.

Step 7. Pack on separate pallets labeled clearly to bring over to Melbourne.

Step 8. Bring to site & install.

In conclusion, once every piece was installed we needed to make some small changes onsite. We carved out some small offshoots for some of the water to run down the sides of each piece to prevent the bawls from overflowing.

All the hard work from start to finish looks amazing and all parties are very happy with the outcome.

  • Stone type :  Blueocean, Honed
  • Finish :  Natural Split
  • Size :  800-1500 dia; 2000x, 2000y

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Blue Ocean, Honed

Blue Ocean, Honed

Blue Ocean Honed is SAI’s all-around best selling Bluestone. Honed finish is popular dark version comes with non-slip surface and...

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Boulder with water feature
Boulder with water feature Boulder with water feature Boulder with water feature Boulder with water feature