Curved Pool Made Easy With SAI

Curved Pool Made Easy With SAI

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Being an old 70s concrete swimming pool it needed renovating badly. The pool is built out of pebble mix. The customer came to us needing some suggestions on how we can lift this old swimming pool.

Colour choice: When speaking with the owner they really liked the idea of using Bluestone grey color stone around the swimming pool & for the general paving area up against the grass. The Blue Ocean Sawn Bluestone was the best fit for the backdrop.

Difficulty: Due to the thickness of the pebble create Ashley was really interested in getting a drop face that covered the first water line tile. The shape of the pool is a letter B.

After many conversations / trouble shooting back & forth with our factorie’s engineers and stonemasons, we asked them if it could be possible to custom curve the drop face in line with the shape of the pool.

The factory came back and said there would be no problems providing such a service to this customer. When producing the curves of the pool we felt it would enhance the overall desirability of the backyard. When you deal with old pools like this, the shape isn’t 100% right. You may get some variation in the concrete base. In saying that every single piece needs to be traced on a core flute paper & hand carved in the factory. Once this process was finished the coping had to be adjusted to fit. Each piece is pre-assembled in the factory replicating the exact pool to make sure each piece has been curved right with the same thickness drop face so when its installed onsite each piece will hug the curve of the pool front back & underneath. All it takes is for 1 piece not to be right & the whole pool will not fit. This process from start to finish will only take us 4 weeks plus shipping. With the design idea from Ashley and landscaper & help from our factory we were able to achieve an extremely unique finish to this swimming pool. With this in mind our factory have spent hours & hours in the quarry to find a large enough bluestone bolder that can be hand carved to suit the size of the pool coping. We went to great lengths to make sure there were no breakages during transit & also had to make sure the landscaper’s onsite were able to put them in place.

  • Stone type :  Blue Ocean, Sawn
  • Finish :  Sawn
  • Size :  Custom curve drop face with mixed large ashlar pattern paving

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Blue Ocean, Sawn

Blue Ocean, Sawn

Blue Ocean Sawn is SAI’s all-around best selling Bluestone. This sawn finish is the best-selling bluestone option that highlights the...

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